Our Services

Transition Assistance Services

Dallas Elite TAS (Transition Assistance Services) provides assistance to people, who reside in nursing facilities, who are Medicaid-eligible and who are enrolled in the Texas Star Plus Waiver Program, to set up a household in the community upon discharge from the nursing facility.

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An individual may utilize TAS funds only once in the individual’s lifetime and may receive a maximum of $2,500 for transition assistance.
  • The TAS grant may assist with payment of security deposits required to lease a home, including an apartment, or to establish utility services for a home;
  • Purchase of essential furnishings for a home, including a table, a bed, chairs, window blinds, eating utensils, and food preparation items;
  • Payment of expenses required to move personal items, including furniture and clothing, into a home;
  • Payment for services to ensure the health and safety of the individual in a home, including pest eradication, allergen control, or a one-time cleaning before occupancy; and
  • Purchase of essential supplies for a home, including toilet paper, towels, and bed linens.

Transition Assistance Services are provided through funds made available by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. Dallas Elite Transition Assistance Services is directly contracted with Superior Health Plan and Cigna Healthspring to provide these services.

Relocation Services

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Dallas Elite Transition Assistance Services began provided relocation services to Superior Health Plan members exiting nursing facilities in the Dallas service delivery area (SDA).  Dallas Elite TAS Services provides relocation services for clients who are long term care facility residents and who meet other specific criteria set aside by Texas Health and Human Services (HHS). The primary purpose of the relocation function is to support the transition of members and future members who desire to move from an institution to the community. Dallas Elite TAS Services provides the assistance of a relocation specialist (RS) and is directly contracted with Superior Health Plan to perform the relocation function. Our goal is to help provide the relocation assistance and access to other services needed to ensure a successful transition to the community.